Preference elicitation using choice experiments

While a choice experiment is also central to my PhD (WOOP valuation), I also got involved in several other projects, which use choice experiments to elicit preferences in health care. I am also affiliated to the Erasmus Choice Modelling Center ([ECMC](

PhD project

My PhD project intitally aimed at estimating the societal value of health and well-being gains. This is one of 15 health economics PhD topics, which are part of a European network of six universities and funded by the European Comission ([IQCE](

Projects as research associate at WifOR Institute (previous employer)

In my first position after graduating, I worked as a research associate at [WifOR Institute]( The main projects in my time at WifOR revolved around building models to estimate the societal value of pharmaceutical innovations.

Master thesis

In my master thesis project, I examined whether the introduction of a prospective payment system (DRG) influenced the average lenght of stay in German hospitals. As I had to use state aggregate data (finding funding for data acquisition was difficult for a master thesis), the analysis has several limitations. OVerall, it appears that the DRG introduction did not considerably affect the lenght of stay.